Living my Best Life with Zero Worries - In collaboration with Joy

It is February, folks, a time when greeting “Happy new year” is no longer relevant.

We are well into 2019 and although I have my personal goals in check, I am still busy trying to work a routine to serve them.

Moms, can you relate? I create a million excuses as to why I can’t find time to exercise, sit down with a good book, steal moments of me time or oftentimes, even cook up a good meal for my family.  However, I believe when we equip ourselves with the right support and tools, it makes all the difference; and makes juggling our never-ending to do lists more achievable.

Needless to say, raising a family in this day in age is so much more complicated. Admittedly in the past, I was guilty of being an easy sell.  I would purchase all the tools and newest gadgets in hopes of making #momlife easier. These gizmos- with the intention of making life easier, eventually added to the list of overwhelming tasks I needed to tend to, then eventually chucked aside to waste.

When living abroad from 2005-2012, I missed out on so many important moments with my son.  I wanted so badly to have it all - a college education, job, a stocked refrigerator, and a spotless living space resembling a stage home.  It was a rat race I could never keep up, which in turn caused unnecessary stress that took an extreme toll on my mind and body.  All that time, I could have enjoyed the experience of living in Canada; instead, my focus was on something that was really, completely unattainable. Many years have passed, I matured and realize now, how delicate and fleeting life is.  I gained perspective on what is truly important and finally started to make use of what I have to provide #zeroworries, and in return the best quality life for me and my family.