Well, hello!  Thanks for checking in! I am Nikki.

My alter ego, "Nikkimbento" was born during a quest to exercise my love for art while juggling my (half-crazy) life as a SAH wife with three kids. Through this, I found a fun and creative way to feed them through bento. 

(Read more about my bento journey here.)

This online journal serves as an unfiltered collection of thoughts on everyday life, challenges, fun-finds, pretty things and parenthood - with my (oftentimes, sarcastic) view on adulting, motherhood, marriage and life as a struggling homemaker.

Fun tips, tricks and DIY’s on how to make cute bento boxes will be thrown in here too, obviously! 

So, keep checking in. Pay me a visit. Drop me a line and let’s become friends.

Disclaimer: No claims have been made regarding Nikkimbento being a super-mommy-guru. In fact, like you, she is a struggling millennial mom just trying to keep it all together.