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Beary Chill Bento

Beary Chill Bento


It is officially December, folks! Where did 2017 go? I know I say it time and again, but "this year just flew us by." Well, I can't complain because the holiday season is my absolute favourite. I enjoy the hustle and energy Christmas festivities bring, not to mention the jolly holiday carols they play in shopping malls and supermarkets.

Since I like you so much, I'll take the honour of adding an extra item onto your holiday todo list. I'm kidding! Here is a super simple winter-themed bento tutorial; easy, quick and ingredients are most probably what you already have in your kitchen; no need to rush to the market for anything extra. 

I promise. 

Here's what you will need:


2 cups freshly cooked warm white rice

1 hard boiled egg (whites only)

1 black olive

1 stick raw spaghetti noodle

1 hotdog (optional)

Yes, that's it!

Let's get started...

Step 1: Snow bear's head

Scoop about ½ cup of rice on to the centre of a 8x10 sheet of cling wrap.  Tie the ends together and gently massage the rice to shape into a ball (about the size of a tennis ball).  

Step 2: Snow bear's paws

On a smaller sheet of cling wrap, scoop a heaping tablespoon of white rice.  Tie ends together and gently massage rice to form a smaller ball (slightly smaller than a pingpong ball).

Repeat this step for the second paw.


Step 3: Snow bear's ears

Slice the whites off both sides of an egg.  Use a sharp knife or round bento cutter to cut out 2 circles.


Step 4: Snow bear's winter scarf

Slice a hotdog in half.  Remove a thin layer of the meat in both halves using a small pairing knife. Trim the ends of the flesh by cutting out a small triangle to resemble the fringe of a scarf.


Step 5: Snow bear's paw pads:

Use a nori or round craft puncher to shape 4 small circles to resemble toes.  Use a sharp pair of food scissors to cut a quarter-sized circle for the paw pad.  Repeat these steps for the second paw.

DSCF5398 (1).jpg

Step 6: Snow bear's eyes and nose.

Cut a black olive in half.  Use one half for the nose.

Make 2 eyes by using the tip of a straw to poke-out to small circles.  

Note: You may also use nori for the eyes.

Now your snow bear is ready for plating.

Step 7: Assembling and finishing touches

Ears: Insert the tip of a knife to indent 2 slits to mark the ears as a guide. Insert the egg white circles into the slits. You may use a broken piece of raw spaghetti noodle to secure them in place.

Face: Gently Position the olive nose and eyes on snow bear’s face.

Paws: Position the two paws under the head.  A broken piece of raw spaghetti noodle may be used to skewer and secure these in place.  Position the nori paw-pad details onto the rice paws.

Scarf: Lay the hotdog strip between the paws and head.  Do not forget to drape the ends to resemble the fringe. Use raw spaghetti noodles to poke through and secure in place.

Snapseed 3.jpg

Tah daah...

I am sorry, what did you say?  Well, yes that’s it!  Now, why don't you take a break for all the gift wrapping and give this a try.  

I would love to see your creations.  Share your thoughts on this recipe, photos and comments below.


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