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DIY: Slime!

DIY: Slime!

Slime done purple.jpg

Any 90's kid who enjoyed Nickelodeon, remembers the neon-green, gooey, slimy mess that made its appearance on a bunch of Nick shows.  It was gross, opaque sludge that was dumped relentlessly on game-show guests and participants.

Aaah… It was a tween-hood dream of mine to visit the famous Nick Studios for an opportunity to lather myself in the green goop. Around the mid-90’s, the Nickelodeon signature slobber became a fad and like everything else, the gak evolved into old news.

You can imagine my excitement to discover the slime craze making a comeback. I obsessed over the different slime recipes on Pinterest. It gets pretty overwhelming with the hundreds of recipes. We tried a bunch using baking soda, borax and shaving cream, but to no avail. Flop!

After numerous trips to the supermarket, bottles of shaving cream and a basket full of wasted borax, I finally stumbled upon an idiot-proof  slime recipe that worked.  Best part, it only uses 2 ingredients! Yes, TWO (three if you want to make different colors)!

This literally takes no time and very little effort; Those who know me will attest that I only consider activities requiring the least amount of effort with maximum Super-mom results.


Continue reading for recipe instructions and some adorable photographs of my slime-making assistants.


  • Elmer’s Glue (You may opt the dollar store and generic versions but I found Elmer’s Glue works best)
  • Liquid laundry detergent (For this I used Ariel laundry liquid. Tide works well too.) 
  • Food coloring


  • Small mixing bowl
  • Whisk or teaspoon

Yup, that is all.  Now, here’s how…


Open the wide cap of Elmer’s Glue and pour roughly 1/4 - 1/2 cup of glue into the mixing bowl.

Slime step 1.jpg

Next, add a quarter-sized amount of laundry detergent.  Mix thoroughly. (You may opt to add a drop of food coloring here.)

Slime step 2.jpg

Slowly continue adding little bits of liquid detergent to your slime until it begins to solidify.

Note: The trick is to add just the right amount of detergent.  Too much at one time will make the mixture too runny.

Slime step 3.jpg

Once the mixture stops sticking to the sides of the bowl, use your hands to knead the slime.  While kneading the mixture you may feel the need to add more detergent until you get a rubbery consistency of slime.


Slime done.jpg

Did it work?

Slime step 4.jpg

Comment here if you get the chance to try this recipe. Do you have other fool-proof slime concoctions you would like to share? I am also curious to know how I can achieve the other type of mucous-type slime they have in Ghostbusters.   

Tips, please!

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