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Teach Me How to Doggie!

Teach Me How to Doggie!

Puppy bento 2.jpg

Most of my bento designs are inspired by my toddlers’ current obsessions.  With kids, especially mine- puppies and cuddly stuffed animals never get old. Here is a fun and quick bento recipe using 6 ingredients.

The kids really got a kick out of this one. They said, "It looks so real!"  

I assume I need to take that as a compliment. 


  • 1 hotdog  (I used beef franks)
  • ½ black olive
  • 2 tbsp. soy sauce (You may dilute this with a bit of water)
  • 1 raw spaghetti noodle
  • ¾ cup (estimate) Japanese white rice
  • small nori sheet

Optional: Honey sandwich ham for cheeks

Step 1: Puppy’s head

  • Scoop rice into a bowl and slowly mix-in the soy sauce with a teaspoon.
  • Once desired brown color and flavor is achieved, transfer the rice onto the center of a sheet of cling wrap. 
  • Hold the 4 ends together and gently massage the rice to mold into a blunt tear-drop shape to make the puppy’s head. 
  • Set aside covered in the cling wrap.

Step 2: Face

  • Cut beef frank in half.  Use the first half for the ears and the second for the snout.
Step 2 face.jpg


  • Ears: Slice the hotdog half in the center to get 2 ears.
  • Snout: Trim-off excess portion of the hotdog to shorten the length.
  • Nose: Slice the black olive in half for the nose.
  • Eyes: Use a nori-pucher or sharp scissors to make 2 circles for the puppy’s eyes

Now, here is what you should have…

Step 2 face- parts.jpg

Step 3: Assembling the Pup

Break off a 2” piece of raw spaghetti noodle. Insert one end through the hotdog ear and into the side of the rice ball head. This will work as a skewer to keep the ears in place. Repeat this step on the opposite side to attach the second ear.

Step 3 assembling w_ spaghetti.jpg

Step 4: Assembling the face

Gently lay the puppy’s snout on the center on the rice ball.  You may again use a spaghetti noodle as a skewer to secure it in place.

Position the eyes and cut-out ham circles to make cheeks.

Puppy done.jpg


"Who let the dog out? Who? Who? Who? Who?"

When packing your child’s bento box,  always remember to place generous amounts of protein, fruits and veggies as sidings.  Here I packed garlic green beans, chicken fritters and crimson grapes.

Puppy bento 3.jpg

This recipe was also featured on GMA’s 24 Oras. Click here to watch!

Now, what other savory sauces can you suggest that will give our puppy a warm brown color?

Leave your comments below.

Eat Good

Eat Good

Warning: Do Not Judge.

Warning: Do Not Judge.