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You'll be Owl-Right Sandwich

You'll be Owl-Right Sandwich

Owl finished bento box.jpg

Momsomnia got the best of me last night, but the inevitable mom guilt pushed me to muster the energy I needed in the morning to pack this super owl-dorable (pun intended) egg salad sandwich for Alex for her field trip — one which I am unable to attend… Again!

It is a really simple recipe and seriously, took mere minutes to make. You may opt to prepare the egg salad filling (1 mashed hard-boiled egg, 2 tablespoons of mayo, salt and pepper) and store it in the fridge until morning.  If you decide to go this route, do not forget to keep a few pieces of egg whites for the tiny details.


Owl Ingredients.jpg


  • 1 cucumber slice
  • 2 carrot slices
  • 1 hard-boiled egg
  • 1 black olive
  • 2 slices of sandwich bread (whole wheat shown)
  • Your choice of sandwich filling


  • Round cookie cutter (or rim of a drinking glass)
  • Optional: rolling pin

Step 1: Owl’s body

Owl Ingredients -1.jpg

Optional: You may use a rolling pin to flatten 1 slice of bread before cutting it out into a circle.

Use the cookie cutter to cut circles from both slices of bread.

Owl step 1.jpg

Place filling inside sandwich.

Set aside.

Step 2: Eyes

Slice a piece of egg white from the hard-boiled egg. Use a small round food cutter (or tip of a tapioca straw) to cut out 2 white circles.

Owl Step 2 eyes.jpg
Owl Step 2.1 eyes. jpg.jpg

Slice the black olive in two and use the halves as the inside of the eyes.

Owl Step 3 - eye balls. jpg.jpg

Step 3: Beak and Feet

Owl Step 4 -feet and beak carrot. jpg.jpg

Use a sharp knife or vegetable bento cutter to cut a small triangle for the beak and two feet.

Owl carrot beak.jpg

Note: You may opt to secure the parts with a raw spaghetti noddle “skewer” to keep the pieces in place.

Step 4: Wings

Use the halves of a cucumber slice as wings.

Owl finished.jpg

That’s it?  Yes!  Tah Daahhhh…..

Finishioso!  Add any cute details after you postion your sandwich in the bento box.  Here, I placed extra egg white dots for the center of its eyes and some heart ears cut from left-over rainbow bread.  I “glued” these on with a dab of cheese spread.

Owl presentation.jpg


Now, hoo said Mama’s got no time to make cute food?

Now, do you have recipe suggestions for an egg-citing egg salad?  What other spices or ingredients can I add to spice things up a bit?

I would love to read your comments.



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