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Coco Bento & Lessons for Mom

Coco Bento & Lessons for Mom


If you found time to catch the movie Coco in theaters during the holidays, you will agree that only the folks of Disney can create such an enjoyable, heart warming, family flick of epic proportions. As a matter of fact, can you name a Disney movie you completely disliked? I definitely can't. However, Disney Pixar's newest blockbuster, Coco has got to be, hands down, thus far, my ultimate fave! So much, I may even welcome it on repeat in our living room once it hits iTunes.  


The incredibly powerful messages Coco portrays to its young (and young at heart) audience are important lessons; life lessons, so fitting for generations in this day in age; a time where we thrive on instant gratification or when the chaos, that is life forces us in situations to take family for granted.

Coco is not just for kids, because this momma caught several universal lessons that really got me thinking. It played such an impact on my hopes for the New Year and influenced me to rethink the goals I set for my personal and spiritual growth as we ease into 2018.

Lesson 1: Seize the moment

This line is repeated throughout the flick. Miguel, the young boy who finds himself in the afterlife, is constantly reminded to “seize his moment”.

They say once you become a mother, your family becomes an extension of you. Which explains why we may catch ourselves feeling like we live solely for those we love. When I became a mom, the oportunities to seize my own moments slowly took a back seat.  My husband’s goals became my goals. Then, we had children and I found myself fighting hard so they could acomplish their own dreams. However this year is my year. I have welcomed the dreams and aspirations that were placed aside all this time. I am determined to sieze my own moments, to grow into the best version of myself for myself and all the roles I choose to play.

Lesson 2: Family is forever

This is something we hear much too often, that it begins to sound cliché. Miguel  Rivera is raised in an extremely close knit family -so much, that each member is almost forced to share the same beliefs and morals.

As a mother, my job is to lead my children in the direction I feel is best- to prepare them for the days they are grown enough to make their own decisions based on the lessons they learned under my care. It would not be fair to force them to lead their lives the way I feel they should. 

Families do not always live in complete harmony. Our differences may keep us from seeing eye to eye. Our passions, beliefs, dreams and ambitions can lead us atray from those we love. But, if we cannot rely on our family for support and acceptance then who else can we turn to?

Lesson 3: Forgive

As a teen, I endured a number of painful experiences that jaded my perspective on life and love. This one hit me hard. It is never too late to forgive. Through time, the support of my family and prayers, I am now able to accept that forgiveness is the only resolution to finding peace in my heart. In the movie Coco, a family issue from decades past was handed down for many generations; all up to the heavens and into the afterlife! Through Miguel’s mishaps, the Rivera family learned that forgiveness was the only answer to peace and resolution for all.

I put together a fun clavera bento in the spirit of this amazing Disney movie. Below I share a detailed step-by-step tutorial, so you can create a Mexican-themed, Coco inspired food art too. 




1 cup fresh rice

1 slice of red capsicum

3 carrot slices, cut about 1/8” thick

1 purple cabbage leaf

1 small sheet of nori


Egg for rice ball filling

Sugar dots to decorate



Step 1: Skull rice ball

Scoop roughly 1 cup freshly cooked, warm white rice into a sheet of cling wrap. Massage gently into a compact ball before moulding it to the shape of a skull.


Tip:  Form a ball then slowly shape the rice to a flat oval while pressing the center to create its “jaw”.


Step 2: Eyes



Use sharp scissors to cut out two circles about 3/4" diameter for eyes out of a nori sheet.

Use a small pairing knife or oblong vegetable cutter to cut carrot petals for the eye details.

Cut 7 petals per eye.



Step 3: Nose

Cut a 1/2"  heart out of the flesh of a capsicum for its nose. 



Step 3: Mouth

Cut a thin strip of purple cabbage for the calavera's grin.  For the details, use sharp scissors to make thin lines about ¼” long.



Step 4: Assembly


Gently place the grin at the bottom half of the skull.  Place each individual strip running across the line.  



Potion the nose at the centre.  You may use a raw spaghetti noodle to keep it in place by skewering it through the rice.


Position the nori eyes. Decorate the carrot petals around the circles.

Tip:  Experiment with the postioning of the petals before placing the nori on the rice to make sure the details fit just right.


Step 5: Optional extra details

Use sugar dots for eyebrows and design.

Calavera bento paired breaded chicken breats, steamed beans and red grapes. 

Calavera bento paired breaded chicken breats, steamed beans and red grapes. 

Over the holidays, I could not wait for the kids to get back to school so I could finally reclaim my life. Oh, I'm only (half) kidding. I mean, I could hardly wait to experiment with food art and kickstart my own resolutions for the new year.  

Did you watch Disney Pixar's Coco? And did you love it as much as I did? Today might just be your time to "seize the moment". There are a dozen life lessons celebrated in this movie, surely you can throw in a few more to share. 



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